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Counting down to marathon #5

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

© Torben Meldgaard
Photo © Torben Meldgaard
My 5th marathon is drawing nearer, inevitably. And I am getting excited which, unfortunately, does not contribute to my preparation since it gets me out of bed early in the morning. Sleep is very important in this stage of preparation. Lack of sleep can have devastating effects on your performance, especially in the death zone after KM 32
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Preparing for my 5th marathon

Sunday, April 26th, 2009


Counting down the days to my 5th marathon in Salzburg on May 3, I was able to throw in an excellent training session with the guys from our Running Team. Christian had arranged an 8 am Sunday morning meeting for a crisp come together, which should serve as a last proper training before the marathon. With a personal marathon best of 2:26 hrs, Jörg is not only our best runner, he also boasts a certificate as endurance trainer. Naturally, he led us through this training with his expertise and experience. We started out with a slow warm up jog, followed by extensive stretching

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. Then we practiced our running skills with specific exercises in order to train coordination and flexibility. Thus we warmed up properly, getting ready for some fast tempo runs.