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New personal best at the Graz Half Marathon

Sunday, March 29th, 2009

With temperatures at 10 °C and no wind, the stage was set for a perfect half marathon here in Graz. I had really good legs and managed to run a smooth race without exhausting myself.
I finished 18th overall but 2nd in my age-group M-35. For the first time, I will be on the podium for the rewards ceremony. Great. Syl and I go back now for the ceremony.

Time: 1:18:55 hrs, 3:44 min/km, HRav 168, 16.04 km/h


Our Generation

Monday, March 23rd, 2009

I have found this short presentation on the presentationzen website. I have skipped over it a dozen times since I didn’t find a presentation with text appealing.
But when I finally stopped to watch it, it really made me think. This is an extraordinary presentation, one that is not only asking to question our values but it also ends with a surprising and uplifting denouement.


Charity run 2009

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

Taking it as the first real test of the season, I participated at the charity run in Gabersdorf on March 1, 2009. After a tough running week with an exhausting long jog over 31 ks on Friday, I scaled down from 15 ks and opted for the 10 kilometer distance, which turned out to be a good decision. The race took place on a warm, sunny Sunday afternoon with a record crowd of 100 participants.

Our team performed extraordinarily well, winning the 10ks (Jörg Achten, 35:02 min) and 15 ks (Christian Kleineberg, 53:17 min) competitions. Vinzenz Kumpusch was a strong runner up over 10 ks (35:06 min) just a breath behind Jörg and I became 3rd in a personal 10 ks record of 37:26 (3:44 min/km).

Extrapolating from our performance on Sunday, much can be expected at the Austrian marathon championships in Salzburg on May 3, 2009. We have a strong team and are be contenters for one of the top spots in the team competition.
On picture: Bernhard Rath, Christoph Potzinger, Jörg Achten (and his daughter Marie), Vinzenz Kumpusch, Erwin Huss (from left to right)

For more pictures click here.