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Getting closer – The Graz Marathon 2007

Sunday, October 14th, 2007

DSCF7802.JPG What a perfect day for runners this Sunday happened to be

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. Cool temperatures at around 16 °C and wonderful sunshine set a perfect scene for about 6.000 participants at the Graz Marathon 2007. Training more than 143 hours and 1.580 ks, I was well prepared for my second marathon. The conditions were just perfect for me and I had a good first few kilometers. I chose my speed according to my heart rate at about 158 – 163 beats per minute, clocking in the kilometers at about 04.10. After 12 ks I joined two guys running exactly at my speed, also trying to challenge the 3 hrs mark. With joint effort we made good progress towards the end of the first round. When I finished the first half marathon at 1:28:13 still feeling (more…)


In Rainbows – New Radiohead album

Wednesday, October 10th, 2007

inrainbows - radiohead website.png Radiohead have released a new album. In Rainbows is available as of today as a download-only zip-file from their website You can also order a discbox which consists of the new album on CD and on 2 x 12 inch heavyweight vinyl records
. It comes along with a second, enhanced CD containing more new songs. The package also features digital photographs, artwork and lyric booklets, all encased in a hardback book and slipcase. The discbox can be ordered from the same website and ships for BPN 40,00 on or before Dec 3, 2007. It features 10 songs:

  • 15 STEP
  • NUDE

The new album follows the avant-garde route the previous records have taken but, at first listen, appears more accessible than, for example, Kid A
. Still it paints a bleak, desolate soundscape, interspersed by faster guitar tracks, which still cannot escape the melancholy

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. Download the new album from:


A new awakening

Tuesday, October 9th, 2007

running-is-a-meditative-exp.jpg In October 2006 after going through a difficult time with my agency, triggered by issues I was having with a customer, I became aware of how my state of mind affected the quality of my daily work and the relationships to the people I work with. I also realised that my mental state in turn was to a large degree determined by how I was feeling physically and emotionally. It became apparent to me that my physical state determined my emotional state which again determined the way I interpreted the goings-on around myself and as a result the way I communicated and acted. One of the main reasons why I left the prepared path of pursuing a corporate carreer (more…)