Preparing for my 5th marathon


Counting down the days to my 5th marathon in Salzburg on May 3, I was able to throw in an excellent training session with the guys from our Running Team. Christian had arranged an 8 am Sunday morning meeting for a crisp come together, which should serve as a last proper training before the marathon. With a personal marathon best of 2:26 hrs, Jörg is not only our best runner, he also boasts a certificate as endurance trainer. Naturally, he led us through this training with his expertise and experience. We started out with a slow warm up jog, followed by extensive stretching. Then we practiced our running skills with specific exercises in order to train coordination and flexibility. Thus we warmed up properly, getting ready for some fast tempo runs.

We started out with running one after another at about 3:50 – 3:55 min/km. The last in the row, then, had to overtake the rest with a fast tempo run. Each one had to follow suit after the former runner had reached the front of the row. We completed 5 rounds thus training speed and tempo variation.
In the very last part of preparing for a marathon, the focus is laid upon short fast distances in order to fresh up one’s legs and to prevent the body from switching to stand-by while giving it the chance to relax and gather strength. Another excellent run in this training session was supposed to adapt the body to the planned marathon speed. We had to run 600 meters, increasing the speed after every 200 meters: we started out with a speed of about 3:50 – 4:00 min/km, speeding up to 3:45 min/km after 200 m, and finished with a 3:30 – 3:35 min/km tempo run on the last 200 m. After three repeats, we called it a day and finished our training session with a slow and relaxing cool-down jog after 90 minutes. This was an excellent and very valuable training. Thanks to Jörg for his expertise.

Training as a team is especially valuable. Not only is it easier to get your feet moving faster than usual, but it is also a great opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences.

The Salzburg marathon will be especially interesting for I have been training according to a completely new plan and I am set to improve my marathon best from last year’s 2:53 hrs in Linz. Let’s see whether it works out.

Here are some photos from Christian, Jörg, Vinzenz, Robert and me.






Check out this site for more information about my Salzburg marathon preparation next week.