Avoiding the glitches – iPhone firmware update 1.1.4

DSCF1451.JPG Honestly, at first, I didn’t want to try updating my iPhone firmware from 1.1.2 to 1.1.4. Thanks to Alex, who had done it himself, and some valuable tips, I made up my mind and updated my iPhone this morning. Looking back, it was pretty easy but afterwards you always know better, don’t you?
For my update, I used the widely popular ZiPhone 2.5 GUI for Mac. For Windows PC use this. This approach is really fool-proof, fast and hassle-free. Instructions with screenshots that lead you through the process can easily be found on the web but you do not really need them: it is easy.
There is one important issue you have to mind, however: Make sure that you update your firmware in iTunes using the restore mode (Wiederherstellen) rather than update.
Before starting the whole process sync your iPhone and make sure you have a backup of your iPhone files because the upgrade erases all your data on your phone.
ZIPhone 2.5.png Depending upon your internet connection the download of the new firmware takes a couple of minutes, after that your phone is upgraded to firmware 1.1.4 and locked. Do not worry if it is no longer visible in iTunes. Unzip the ZIPhone software, launch it and click on “Do it all!”. Wait four minutes and be patient. The software does all the work. That’s it.

DSCF1446.JPG ITunes has made a backup of the data of your previous installation by way of the recovery mode. Back up the data and re-sync. You might have to re-install BSD Subsystem and then OpenSSH from Installer.app. If your dialer is crashing because you are in an unsupported country and you have problems with SMS, you must patch AppSupport.
As I said, the whole process is no big deal at all. My phone works like a charm – thanks, last not least, to the guys at ziphone.org and iClarified.com. And the phone really IS cool… 8)

DSCF1450.JPG If you have bootloader 4.6., notice that this process downgrades your bootloader to 3.9. It works for firmware versions: 1.1.2, 1.1.3 and 1.1.4

Try it, John, it’s all there for you. You might even get your bricked phone working again…