Half marathon

Having dedicated my 20s to football, I have always connected sports and movement with a ball, speed and very often nearly total exhaustion. After the end of my ‘carreer’, I started to appreciate the benefits of running – without a ball, just by myself. I started running very slowly, which I had given a negative quality for in football everything has to be quick, only to find that it can be a meditative and rejuvinating experience.
I ran slowly for a long time until the day when Ernst invited me to the Holzstraßenlauf, a half-marathon. I began to run on a more regular basis, throwing in long and fast runs, realising that there was still some strength and speed available in the cells of my body. The half-marathon took place yesterday in St. Peter ob Kammern and I clocked in at 1.32.49, with an average speed of 13.64 km/h, which was all the more surprising since I thought I could not go faster than 1.40. I enjoyed the experience very much, all the more since my post-marathon state was far from total exhaustion. On the whole, it was a great day and an opportunity to test my ability to perform and it may be the start for a new passion.
Still I do not want to get involved into too much competitive running but after the many competitions on the football field, I think I am over with that.