DSCF0153-chris-vcm Hi everyone,
I am currently based in Graz and entertaining a marketing agency together with my partner Ulla. I work as a marketing consultant, translator, web designer, web programmer, lecturer, coach and astrologer.

As of October 2007, I teach communication skills in the “Lehrgänge für Kommunikationstrainer und Kommunikation und Persönlichkeit” and Business English for the Cambridge Certificate at the Wifi Steiermark.

In 2009, I started to give lectures on Marketing and presentations at the FH Joanneum and work with Sturm Graz, helping their players improve their English.

My non-business attention, right now, is focused upon (a lot of) running, playing football with the Ex-socs, immersing myself into the mind boggling universe of quantum physics, delving deeper and deeper into the fascinating realm of psychological astrology, and, last not least, spending a lot of rewarding time with Sylvia.

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  • Master of Philosophy in English and economics at Karl-Franzens-University Graz and Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Training in communication and conflict management with Roman Braun, Trinergy, Wien
  • Marketing consultant and director of EINSTERN Agentur für Marketing
  • Lecturer for marketing and presentation design at the FH Joanneum
  • Lecturer for communication and personal development at WIFI Steiermark
  • Marketing manager and human resources director for Gruber Touristik
  • Coach and consultant for personal development
  • Sprach- und Wirtschaftsstudium an der Karl-Franzens-Universität in Graz und Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Ausbildung in Kommunikation und Konfliktmanagement bei Roman Braun, Trinergy, Wien
  • Marketingberater und GF von EINSTERN Agentur für Marketing
  • Vorlesungen und Seminar am FH Joanneum für Marketing und Präsentationsdesign
  • Vortragender am WIFI Steiermark (Kommunikation und Persönlichkeitsentwicklung)
  • Marketingmanager und Leiter Human Resources in Touristikbranche
    Coaching im Sport und in der Persönlichkeitsentwicklung