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Thank you, India!

Sunday, December 14th, 2008

It’s been exactly two weeks since we returned from our trip through India

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. It’s been a busy time and I have worked almost non-stop ever since we touched down on Austrian soil on that sunny, cold Saturday morning dipped in snow-white. One might expect that there has not been much time for a deep Indian contemplation. But all that work could not attenuate the profound experiences that India had dealt out to me. India has been around ever since. Even in yesterday’s seminar it made more than a guest appearance and served for a couple of excellent metaphors and teachings to adduce my message

However hard those three weeks might have been, I am more than happy that we chose India as our honeymoon destination. It was more than a holiday. It was one of those rare times (more…)


India: A different holiday

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

Rachna from Bangalore commented on my last post. She read it in the Bangalore Mirror, which featured a post from my blog. Thanks, Rachna, for giving us your point of view
. Your words struck a chord in me and have triggered this post.

Despite being an experienced traveler the situation in India at the end of November was completely new to me. Up to then, such sad happenings as in Mumbai had just been stories in the newspapers for me. Suddenly, I experienced what it could mean to be a protagonist of such stories
. Fortunately for us, we were far away but we felt deeply with the people in Mumbai. We could so much relate to them since we had just been there. Having just been there and with the people made it all worse for us.
Sylvia and I hope that the terrorists won’t achieve their main goal: (more…)


Home at last

Sunday, November 30th, 2008

Yesterday at 11.45 a.m

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. we arrived at our apartement after a 24 hour trip that brought us from Bangalore via Mumbai, Dubai, Vienna to Graz

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. It was an exhausting journey back home, which pushed me to my very limits in Mumbai where we had to change over from the domestic airport, where we arrived from Bangalore, to the international airport. Although we had more than 3 hrs in order to change planes we made it by 15 minutes to catch our plane to Vienna.

My nerves where cracking for Mumbai airport was (more…)


Getting ready for returning home

Friday, November 28th, 2008

This is our last morning here in Bangalore. We are very positive that we can go home tonight since yesterday’s Austrian Airlines flight from Mumbai to Vienna was carried out as scheduled.
Honestly, I was very shocked by what has been going on in Mumbai

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. For me, it was utterly disturbing, all the more since we have visited all those places under attack – we had two lovely evenings in Leopold’s restaurant and used CST station to depart from Mumbai to Goa by train.
Although that is easy to say now, Sylvia and I had kind of a hunch about this trip
. Although we were far from canceling our trip, we seriously considered about going to Bali instead. Something didn’t feel inviting about this trip. However, in retrospect it is interesting to note what kind of messages our inner voices are communicating.

In essence, it was very difficult (more…)


In Bangalore watching the terror

Thursday, November 27th, 2008

We heard of the terrorist attacks in Mumbay yesterday while watching the cricket one day international between India and England

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. At first, we thought that it was just a minor incident but we couldn’t be further away from the truth
We are lucky to be here in Bengalore far away from Mumbay but we still have to go into Mumbay on Saturday morning to fly out of India

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. We wouldn’t want to go there today so we appreciate the extra day here in Bengalore and hope (more…)