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114. Boston Marathon 2010

Sunday, May 9th, 2010


Der Boston Marathon (kurz BM) nimmt für sich in Anspruch, der älteste und traditionsreichste Marathon der Welt zu sein. Am 19. April 2010 wurde dieser Lauf über die legendäre Distanz von 42,195 km oder 26.2 Meilen zum 114. Mal ausgetragen. Er wurde zum ersten Mal, ein Jahr nach den ersten Olympischen Spielen, 1897 veranstaltet und findet seither mit einer kurzen Unterbrechung jährlich jeden dritten Montag im April am Patriots Day statt. Beim ersten Lauf 1897 nahmen 15 Teilnehmer teil, jetzt sind es 26.000 und mehr. Für den 114. Boston Marathon meldeten sich insgesamt 26.735 LäuferInnen, 23.126 nahmen tatsächlich teil, 97,9 % davon oder 22.645 schafften es über die Ziellinie in der Boylston Street.
Gerade von einem beeindruckenden Marathon-Erlebnis heim gekehrt, entschloss ich mich im Oktober 2009 spontan daran teilzunehmen. (more…)


Even better than …

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

Quick entry for now. The 114th Boston marathon has been successfully completed, again under 3 hrs, the 5th consecutive time. While this marathon was one of the hardest because of ugly head-wind gusts starting after 5 ks and a hilly course with quite a few of 300 – 1.000 m climbs, the atmosphere was just outstanding – the Americans can get really crazy when it comes to sports. Sometimes the noise was deafening.


Preparing for BM

Sunday, April 18th, 2010

Sunday afternoon here at the Kallanian’s, waiting for lunch with just 18 hours to go for my 7th marathon. When I will take the first step into my 2nd marathon in the masters series at the oldest martahon of the world, I am already a winner since I was lucky enough to even have made it to Boston.


Crazy days

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

With each day closer to our departure to Boston, things were becoming busier and busier, even crazy. Today was the worst with a web project going online while I was lecturing at university.

There had been a series of miscommunication in the project team and problems with the website only began to surface when the old server was shut down and it was too late to fall back on the old site. My phone buzzing constantly, I stood there in front of my class analysing Bill Gates’ and Steve Jobs’ presesentations.


Thank you, India!

Sunday, December 14th, 2008

It’s been exactly two weeks since we returned from our trip through India. It’s been a busy time and I have worked almost non-stop ever since we touched down on Austrian soil on that sunny, cold Saturday morning dipped in snow-white. One might expect that there has not been much time for a deep Indian contemplation. But all that work could not attenuate the profound experiences that India had dealt out to me. India has been around ever since. Even in yesterday’s seminar it made more than a guest appearance and served for a couple of excellent metaphors and teachings to adduce my message.

However hard those three weeks might have been, I am more than happy that we chose India as our honeymoon destination. It was more than a holiday. It was one of those rare times (more…)