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Sylvia & Christoph – A Midsummer Night’s Wedding

Monday, July 21st, 2008

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It was a magic day – for all of us: happy people, smiling faces, laughter and excitement wherever you looked. It was a day of love, merry-making, of making new acquaintances, trying new languages; it was a perfect blend of the old and the young, of friends and relatives, a day of reconcilement.
The atmosphere of the day, the mood of our guests, all was a perfect reflection of our commitment, of saying “yes” to what we consider a very special and very precious relationship. I think, one cannot imagine or wish for such a wedding. From the beginning, we wanted a wedding that was as informal and as natural as possible.
Looking back, we are still surprised by the fact how smoothly and naturally the different moments interconnected, constituting a plot of love and joy, a comedy, some might say, not even Shakespear could have conceived. Still this special day was infused by a similar magic and enchantment that is so characteristic of Shakespeare’s green world.
The many positive and warm responses, some even enthusiastic, are perfect proof for us that this was not only a very special day in Sylvia’s and my life. And after all, this is how our wedding was always meant to be
_DSC5253.jpg _DSC5250.jpg
June 21 started early. I got up at 5.15 a.m. Looking out of the window of my bedroom in the Winzherhaus overlooking the rolling winehills with the bright sun rising into a clear blue sky, I already knew that this was to become a special day. I jumped into my runners and led John on a 12 ks run through the beautiful countryside of the South Styrian wine region. As we were rolling along, the sun was starting to come up over the wine hills, reaching for his highest position in the northern hemisphere, ready to provide the perfect scenery for this special day.

After a cool shower and a hearty breakfast, I was driving along with Simone and John, heading for Roman, to get the perfect styling. Simone took a turn herself, enjoying perfect Austrian hairstyling skills. On the way back, we picked up Sylvia’s bouquet.
At about noon time, the first guests began to arrive. Martha hadn’t turned her watch to summer time and was the first to arrive
. Then came Christa and Michaela, getting busy with balloons in the garage. In the meantime Sylvia’s guests were arriving in Haydngasse: Ulla, her maid of honor, Anni, who was supposed to drive Sylvia to the vineyard, and Christa Strobl, who was in charge of the camera.
Anni did not surprise Sylvia but also me when she turned into the drive-way with her cool, black Audi cabriolet. Sylvia was just beautiful in her red dress. I couldn’t wait to get her out of the car.
From there we started to the stone terrace where the wedding ceremony, conducted by Franz Hierzer, mayor of Gabersdorf, was to take place.
Franz had prepared a long, entertaining speech, funny and contemplative at the same time.
Thus we were married: at one of the most beautiful places, with the sun trying to keep up with the smiles of our guests – and ourselves -,
accompanied by the delicate sound of Lothar’s accordion with Ulla and Jean-Pierre at our side

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Then more surprises were waiting for us
. Ulla had prepared a white blanket with a red heart in it, which I had to cut out and carry Sylvia through. _DSC5161.jpg On the other side we were greeted by flowers, rice and red heart-shaped balloons

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. Almost every guest grapped one of them and let them – with a good wish – fly.
The heat was on and made us thirsty.
Willy Zach had just delivered tasty cannelloni and Stefan’s Summertime Ratsch was waiting for all the thirsty throats: a perfectly light wine for hot summer days like this one.
The agape, as it is called, was a merry coming together and time just began to fly. _DSC5225.jpg The wind was causing a little bit of havoc among the sun shades but was welcomed for bringing at least a bit of refreshment besides the wine.
When the sun apologized in order to take a rest behind the clouds, a big stretch limousine arrived to the surprise of everyone.
IMG_0262.JPG IMG_0271.JPG
It was surprise present from Elfriede and Helmut which was to take us to Georgi-Schlössl. Now the time had come to say good bye to the vineyard and move on to the next stage.
IMG_0297.JPG IMG_0299.JPG
Jean-Pierre, Ulla, Julian, Anna and Stefan joined us in the limousine as did a bottle of champagne. The Georgi-Schlössl is beautifully renovated castle, in which Eva-Maria, one of our guests grew up. It has a very nice backyard where the reception took place.
Champagne and wine was served and seamlessly the whole party continued where it had stopped in the vineyard.
Later on, it was time for the speeches, by Chris, Sylvia and a great and passionate one by Jean-Pierre, recited in perfect German. Thanks, JP for that!
_DSC5402.jpg _DSC5310.jpg
The speeches were followed up by Sylvia throwing the bouquet which almost resulted in a fight among those still unmarried, eager to catch it.
After some elbowing and a sprint, Irena outrun Ulla and was the happy one to get it.
_DSC5363.jpg _DSC5365.jpg It is said that the one who catches the bouquet was to marry within a year. And it seems to be true – Sylvia caught Elisabeth’s bouquet back in 2007.
So let’s see what is going to happen with Irena and Martin. We are certainly prepared for another great wedding!

After all those drinks, it was time to have some food. And there was plenty of great food waiting for us. Willy Zach had come up with an outstanding cold dish buffet, reaching from meat, salad to mussels and shrimp. But this was only the start. The feast lasted for almost two hours.
Then the band started to play. As we didn’t want a traditional wedding band, Sylvia had focused upon choosing professional, skilled musicians that ran the gamut from Bukovina to pop music.
And what a band it was. Their music, you could hear, came from their heart and their skill and rhythm quickly enthralled our guests. _DSC5461.jpg Despite the humidity in the room, soon a lot of people were dancing, shaking, grooving. Thus the evening continued and with happy, dancing, talking, smiling, joyful people at its heart.P6223520.JPG

Again, we would like to thank all our guests for being there with us, for celebrating with us (some coming a long, long way to do so), for making this day such a wonderful, unforgettable day for us. Thank you so much for all those presents and good wishes. But most of all thank you for really being there with all your heart and soul!

Last not least, a big love and thank you goes out to our parents for their support before, during and after the wedding. Thanks Stefan for the wine and the vineyard!

Sylvia & Christoph


Arriving in Austria

Thursday, July 17th, 2008

In order to see more, click on one of the pics
Our wedding started with John and Simone’s arrival on 17 June. Their arrival somehow brought about a change in quality concurring with a rapid change of the weather. The dreary days of late May and early June finally came to an end and John and Simone in proper Aussie fashion, conjuring away the clouds, let the party begin.
After our first photos (hundreds of them were still to come) we went to Leibnitz to pick up their famous Citroen AX, an ancient vehicle of the days when power steering was still a car manufacturer’s dream but endowed with a lot of charm and durability. We test drove the car to Gabersdorf in order to catch up with my brother Stefan and meet his Main Coon cats Joseph and Ernst August

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Then we were off to Restaurant Staribacher, where we had arranged a surprise meeting with Werner and Silvia Surma. Werner had been to Melbourne with me and Herbert, where he met John and Simone

. We had a delicous lunch with beer and tasty Styrian wine, Muskateller and Weißburgunder.
Silvia invited us to their home on Kittenberg for coffee, Apfelstrudel and more wine and beer. Their hospitality is outstanding and with Werner it is always a lot of fun. We spent the whole afternoon with them in their beautiful, secluded house, sourrounded only by woods and vineyards. IMG_0117.JPG It is magic up there and tranquility is ubiquitous. The rain was coming one last time to bid his final fare-well, which added to the mesmerizing atmosphere. Finally, we had to say good-bye and leave for Ratsch, where Simone and John would stay in one of my parent’s appartments.
We met them in front of their beautiful Winzerhaus, all happy, excited and slowly feeling the jet-lag. More wine and schnaps was waiting inside and thus we drew the curtain to a wonderful day of reunion – in proper Styrian fashion that is.


Looking back

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

Click on the images in order to see more… DSCF1984.JPG It’s now almost one month since our wedding
. It was a special time, of course, one which we will always remember. The highlight was the day of our wedding, June 21, 2008, but as a matter of fact our wedding lasted longer than just one day. It started when John and Simone arrived on June 17 and ended with Jean-Pierre’s departure on July 8. (more…)


Our Wedding

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

Click on the image below in order to see many more pictures on flickr! Einfach auf das Bild unten klicken, um viele mehr in unserer Flickr-Galerie zu bewundern
DSCF2043.JPG A wedding should be the most beautiful day in the lives of the newly weds. One 21 June 2008 Sylvia and I experienced that this is not only wishful thinking. We have had our day of days – one we will never forget. But this would not have been possible without our guests. Therefore, we would like to thank all of you who have been there with us for coming, for celebrating, for your presents. Thank you so much, it was an honor for us to have you there. We hope that you had a great and memorable day. Thank you, again, for your generosity.

We have had guests from the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, the United States and Australia
. They came a long way to be there that afternoon. I hope you have enjoyed the stay and again thanks for following our invitation.

Thank you Franz Hierzer for marrying us. I know you received a lot of flack for coming to the vineyard but I think it was worth the trouble. This is greatly appreciated.

A big thank you goes out to our parents for their support and being there for us, making sure that we grow. Thanks here especially to my mother, my father and Stefan, my brother, for offering their beautiful vineyard for the wedding ceremony, for their preparation efforts.

I am lacking behind with posting the pictures

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. We have a lot! And they are just beautiful. I have just uploaded the first wave of photos, taken by Stefan, to my flickr account
. They are from the wedding ceremony in the afternoon and from the Agape which followed our wedding. You can see the pictures here.

More photos will be uploaded soon, including those from the reception at Georgi-Schlössl in the afternoon and evening.

To see the first shots from the wedding ceremony as a SLIDESHOW click here.


Gettin’ hitched

Sunday, May 25th, 2008

wirheiraten.png As June 21 is drawing near, I am sure the news have spread
. For those few who have not heard it yet, here’s the scoop: Sylvia and I are getting married on Midsummer’s Night

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. We met for the first time in October 2004 and again in December 2004. Since January 4, 2005 we are a couple and got engaged on (more…)