A moment of serenity

I have chosen a picture of Halong Bay at sunset as the header image for this site. It was taken on Dec 1, 2005 on our trip from Ha Noi to Sai Gon. For Sylvia and me it was a very inspiring moment, one of almost spiritual quality, with the bright sun hovering over the small mountain islands, dipping the tranquil sea into an unearthly blend of pink, yellow and orange. PC012745.JPG Looking from a 360 ° viewpoint some 150 meters above the sea, we savoured this moment of ethereal serenity, which ultimately would burn itself into our memories to be remembered – and cherished – forever

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. PC012735.JPG Later we climbed down to walk on the sandy shore and watch the sun meet the mountain tops, biding farewell to this beautiful day
. The trip to Ha Long Bay was a perfect start to our first exposure to Vietnam and my first extensive experience of South-East Asia
. Our trip was to be exciting, full of queer encounters, beautiful visions and revisions and, last not least, delicious food. We finished it off properly with a couple of Singpore Slings on the roof top bar at the Caravelle in Sai Gon. PC012747.JPG