Preparing for BM

Sunday afternoon here at the Kallanian’s, waiting for lunch with just 18 hours to go for my 7th marathon. When I will take the first step into my 2nd marathon in the masters series at the oldest martahon of the world, I am already a winner since I was lucky enough to even have made it to Boston.

The smoke plume from Iceland was approaching Austria fast when we started out from Haydngasse to Graz Thalerhof. In Vienna we had already boarded our plane to JFK when Austro Control announced that they were about to close the air space in Austria. Still our plane got green lights for take off and it seems as if we were on one of the last planes leaving Europe that weekend.

The nine hours flight was ok although it appears as if AUA was reducing leg space every year (or maybe my feet are growing). But getting up from my seat regularly, walking around and stretching helped a lot and made sure my legs never became tired or heavy. At JFK we had to change terminal to catch our flight to Boston Logan Airport which, as we found out later, had already been delayed by more than an hour. Again we were lucky to get on an earlier flight in order to arrive as planned in Boston at 7 p.m. LT.

Jean-Pierre, Julian and Stefan picked us up and took us on the last part of our journey: a 45 minute car ride to Auburn, situated approx 80 ks West of Boston. We said hello to Susi and since I was already getting dizzy sitting on a chair, I called it a night and hit bed at around 9 pm for a good 7, 8 hour sleep. The weather here has been very fresh so far, with temperatures between 0 and 7, 8 degrees celsius, with some rain showers yesterday. Such conditions facilitate adapting to the time change and save energy. The weather for the marathon should be similar, with temperatures a little higher, peaking at 14 degrees and some sunshine. At a morning run with JP and Julian, I could check my body and was feeling alright. My heart rate was up 8 to 10 beats but that didn’t bother me too much. I still have another night.

After a hearty breakfast with a delicious stew and cookies, we said hello to JP’s parents and then headed towards Boston in order to pick up my BIB at the Haynes Convention Center in Boyleston Street where the finish line of the marathon is situated. The number pick up went super fast thanks to the American talent for streamlining processes. After a drink in Newbury Street we returned to Auburn for another early night for me.

Today I went for another quick run throwing in tempo runs not feeling as good as the day before. The low temperatures help a lot, though, – I am really thankful for that. The forecast for tomorrow is promising and also the infamous North-Eastern wind should spare us thus being in line with the lucky stream we have been sailing on on this trip.

Tomorrow I will get up early at about 5.45 a.m., have a warm breakfast, white rice and squashed bananas, at about 6.30 and then go to Hopkinton, just about 20 ks from JP’s, at about 7.30 in order to be at the start early enough. The athlete village is about 1 mile from the starting line and athletes are asked to approach their corrals about 45 to 40 minutes before the start. So I am expecting quite some walking and standing in the cold before the start but that is the only issue I have with these ideal weather conditions.

The marathon kicks off at 10 a.m. LT (4 o’clock in the afternoon in Austria) and I am aiming at a 12:55 a.m. arrival. Regardless of my finish time we have already arranged for a marathon party at Jakob Wirth in Boston for a couple of beers.

You can check my resulat at the B. A. A. website. My BIB is 2660.