Crazy days

With each day closer to our departure to Boston, things were becoming busier and busier, even crazy. Today was the worst with a web project going online while I was lecturing at university.

There had been a series of miscommunication in the project team and problems with the website only began to surface when the old server was shut down and it was too late to fall back on the old site. My phone buzzing constantly, I stood there in front of my class analysing Bill Gates’ and Steve Jobs’ presesentations.

I am still wondering how I managed to handle both situations, solving the problems with the website during breaks and video casts while entertaining my students. The afternoon would be no different. Customers, I hadn’t heard from for a long, long time, started to call, and the web project still demanded my attention because the moment we solved a problem another would resurface. As soon as I thought I had everything under control an e-mail from Jean-Pierre arrived, informing me about the eruption of a volcano on Iceland whose smoke brought air travel all over Britain and large parts of Northern Europe to a halt. Suddenly, it seemed as if we weren’t even able to go on our long awaited holiday. It was, to say the least, chaotic.

Now things have fortunately calmed down – for now. I still have not packed and I am tired. But there is a hot, rich chicken soup, which Sylvia has cooked, waiting for me. And then there’s my suitcase to attend to and an 18 hour journey to complete, my BIB to pick up and then I should be all set for the Boston Marathon on Monday.

More updates on our progress to Boston and the Marathon soon here… (gotta pack now, you know…)