Counting down to Boston 2010

number_pick_up_card_BM_web.jpgWith the last day of March, my 7th marathon is almost on the threshold. Today I received my Number Pick-Up Card and Welcome Booklet for my second marathon in the Masters series – the Grand Slam of marathon running.

With only 18 days to go, I have completed the major part of my preparation for the marathon. I started my training in late January and have completed 954 kilometers in 2 months.I should be in perfect condition and on the one hand I am feeling very confident, on the other I am struggling with rising temperatues and humid weather. My heart rate has increased tremendously (often 10 to 15 beats higher than usual) and the warmer conditions have also affected my achilles tendons.

I hope that I will be able to make the transition soon. Good news is that Boston weather in mid April is generally very cool and rainy, conditions which I flourish in. I am also used to wind which is a usual companion to Massachusetts rain showers in April and as long as the wind doesn’t turn into ugly, heavy gusts I do not worry about it.

At the moment I am focused upon regeneration, mainly from work since I have been very busy in the last 3 weeks. I have reduced the intensity of my training runs in order not to overexert and am trying to find a good balance between stimuli and relaxation.

We are flying into JFK, where Jean-Pierre will pick us up and drive us up to Auburn, about 300 miles from NYC and 80 ks from Boston. Hence my way to the 114th Boston marathon will be quite strenuous. Still I am confident that at a cool, wind-less day, I should be able to complete the marathon under 3 hrs, which is my foremost goal.

Whatever my performance, I am thrilled about partaking at the oldest marathon in the world and cannot wait to feel this special energy and atmosphere before, during and after a marathon, and of course the endorphine shots that come with it.

Last not least, there is another thing worth looking forward to: That first sip of beer after the run, “prosting” with Syl, Susi and Jean-Pierre on another memorable experience.