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Carinthia Half-marathon 2009

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

Kärnten Läuft Halbmarathon 2009
Holidays with “the boys” used to have a different flavour

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. Also our destinations differed significantly from the current one. Instead of flying to Greece for a beer-induced summer holiday, this time we embarked on a different mission. With Hannes having opted out because of lack of training (and courage), four of us met at Pritschitz approximately at half-distance between Klagenfurt and Velden at the Wörthersee. Gernot had been responsible for organisation and accomodation and thus Stefan, Herbert, myself and Cedrick (my father’s Retriever) found ourselves in the beautiful backyard of a traditional Carinthian farm, run by Martin’s mother, one of Gernot’s best friends (Martin, not the mother), in warm sunshine on a Saturday afternoon. We were here not for drinking beer but wanting to cover a distance of 21’095 meters as fast as possible at one of Austria’s best run events, Kärnten Läuft Half-marathon
. Of course, we had a taste of our favorite drink but just a small one.
Kärnten Läuft Halbmarathon 2009
Our preparation for the run couldn’t have been (more…)