Running Koglberg

running with christian up koglberg early saturday morning
Christian and I met when the blood red winter sun was sending its first rays over the horizon. It was a cold Saturday morning, perfect for running. We set out towards Kaindorf and reached Rettenbach bridge in Kaindorf after about 15 minutes. From there a steep track cuts straight into Koglberg. It is called the Rettenbach Klamm and is popular with hikers.
great views from koglberg on our morning run with christian
We were rewarded by a few sun rays but the track was still filled with the darkness of the night and at places the ground was damp and deep. The first few meters are deceiving for suddenly the track steepens even more. Christian runs up here once a week and while I was struggling with the relentless track, he seemed to be cruising up like a mountain goat .
hard climb up koglberg/leibnitz with christian
After about 1 kilometer the woods give way to vineyards and those who have not given up are rewarded with grand views of the plain below with Leibnitz and its surrounding villages. The sun had already risen above the horizon and was casting its red beams almost vertically across the plain
. Smoke and fog was rising from down below, absorbing the sunlight like someone how had been deprived of sunlight for ages. It seemed as if the earth was heavily exhaling. The scenery was mesmerizing in its beauty. Only half way up, we pushed on through vineyards and reached another forest where the track turned again into the hill, making sure we had to give our all in order to be granted passage.
early christmas run with christian 21ks and two hills
Up on Koglberg there is a nice lookout from where the track suddenly plunges steeply, greeting the foot with rocks and rootage, making the descend almost as demanding as the climb

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. We passed through the vineyards of Silberberg, reached Sulmsee and entered the woods of Frauenberg, running towards Unterfahrenbach. From there we turned East and returned via Aflenz, Wagna, Leibnitz back home where we started.
With 21.5 ks and two demanding hills this was an epic, hard, morning run which rewarded us with great views of the beautiful countryside in December.