Thank you, India!

It’s been exactly two weeks since we returned from our trip through India . It’s been a busy time and I have worked almost non-stop ever since we touched down on Austrian soil on that sunny, cold Saturday morning dipped in snow-white. One might expect that there has not been much time for a deep Indian contemplation. But all that work could not attenuate the profound experiences that India had dealt out to me. India has been around ever since. Even in yesterday’s seminar it made more than a guest appearance and served for a couple of excellent metaphors and teachings to adduce my message .

However hard those three weeks might have been, I am more than happy that we chose India as our honeymoon destination. It was more than a holiday. It was one of those rare times where I was subjected to so many new experiences so that I found it hard to archive them in my system; coupled with many situations where India forced me to leave my comfort zone and learn to cope with new, unknown experiences and sides of my character. I like to call India my most profound and essential personal development seminar.
It’s never been a laid-back, smooth, nice affair. Those fleeting moments you forget so soon, anyway. It’s been more of a tour de force which has left its imprint indelibly burnt into my soul. Even those hectic 14 days could not conjur away India’s looming presence which I had to face time and again and which I had to deal with in order to reconcile those experiences with my attitude ever since our return . In addition, the many memories are proof enough for this holiday’s lasting impact.
Traveling India has taught me many lessons – mostly about myself. But I have also grasped a glimpse of the current state of humanity and its relationship to and dependency of mother earth. Those insights once again elucidated the need for a fundamental paradigma shift regarding the way we lead our lives . Thus, I can see the current world events in a positive light . In the midst of the current confusion, chaos and fear, an opportunity might arise for a different approach to almost everything which we have taken for granted, natural and self-evident but which after all is nothing more than a big, self-created, comfortable illusion which is based on short values and a win-lose paradigm. The current world events suggest that human mankind might be lead into a situation where it may have no other choice but to give up old systems, ways of thinking, habits and see themselves in a completely different light or else be eradicate.

Thank you, India, for such an overpowering experience. Thank you, too, Sylvia, for accompanying me on this wild, hard, bumpy journey and being there for me to calm me whenever I couldn’t cope with the chaos and confusion. It’s been a real test for our relationship but one which we have passed well, so I think, one, which has drawn us even closer together. Thank you, India, for that as well.

Find all the photos from our trip here in my Flickr photo album