India: A different holiday

Rachna from Bangalore commented on my last post. She read it in the Bangalore Mirror, which featured a post from my blog. Thanks, Rachna, for giving us your point of view . Your words struck a chord in me and have triggered this post.

Despite being an experienced traveler the situation in India at the end of November was completely new to me. Up to then, such sad happenings as in Mumbai had just been stories in the newspapers for me. Suddenly, I experienced what it could mean to be a protagonist of such stories . Fortunately for us, we were far away but we felt deeply with the people in Mumbai. We could so much relate to them since we had just been there. Having just been there and with the people made it all worse for us.
Sylvia and I hope that the terrorists won’t achieve their main goal: destabilize the unity of India and worsening the relationship between India and Pakistan.
I know that Indians are confident, strong and persistent. That’s why we have no doubt that India will overcome the events in Mumbai even stronger.

Still we have enjoyed our stay in India although it was a ‘different’ enjoyment. I have seen and learnt more than on any other trip. My problem with India was more a personal attitude thing. Deep inside I longed for a quiet time on the beach . But India wanted me to participate and get into the moment. I had never been more in the “here and now” than in India. And for me that was a deep and lasting experience beside all the nice spots we visited and interesting people we met.

As for the situation at Mumbai airport, I think that it wouldn’t have been different at any other airport in the world. The shootings were still going on and people were frightened. What freaked us out was the fact that the transit bus left the airport area and took the public ‘highway’ which was more congested and chaotic than normal and we hardly couldn’t get through.

As you might already know, our photos have been saved and will be posted in the course of today 🙂