Getting ready for returning home

This is our last morning here in Bangalore. We are very positive that we can go home tonight since yesterday’s Austrian Airlines flight from Mumbai to Vienna was carried out as scheduled.
Honestly, I was very shocked by what has been going on in Mumbai. For me, it was utterly disturbing, all the more since we have visited all those places under attack – we had two lovely evenings in Leopold’s restaurant and used CST station to depart from Mumbai to Goa by train.
Although that is easy to say now, Sylvia and I had kind of a hunch about this trip. Although we were far from canceling our trip, we seriously considered going to Bali instead. Something didn’t feel inviting about this trip. However, in retrospect it is interesting to note what kind of messages our inner voices are communicating.

In essence, it was very difficult traveling India. But we were rewarded by some great experiences. We especially loved Goa, our stay on the cliffs of Varkala and the elephants in Mudumalai. Still, India was very demanding with its chaotic traffic, noise and heat.
But those shocking incidents in Mumbai capped it all.

We have just had breakfast and are waiting for our taxi to bring us to the airport, which will be in a few hours. Fortunately, the drizzle that has been pouring down on Bangalore for the last 3 days has finally stopped. We might go out to town for a last of our favorite Indian meals, but, understandably, we are not too keen on any more adventures. I’ve had my share of experience and so, I think, has Sylvia. We hope that all goes well with our flights. We have enough time in between flights so delays won’t be as much of a problem. We leave Bangalore at 4 pm MEZ and Mumbai at 20.30 pm – hopefully as scheduled.
Looking forward to seeing you all soon. Thanks for your comments and following us through India. I will put on a final post after our return.