In Bangalore watching the terror

We heard of the terrorist attacks in Mumbay yesterday while watching the cricket one day international between India and England. At first, we thought that it was just a minor incident but we couldn’t be further away from the truth.
We are lucky to be here in Bengalore far away from Mumbay but we still have to go into Mumbay on Saturday morning to fly out of India. We wouldn’t want to go there today so we appreciate the extra day here in Bengalore and hope that the situation will have de-escalated by tomorrow evening when we board our plane to Mumbay. We have to wait 5 hours in Mumbay for our plane to Vienna.
The terrorist attacks were aimed at the very heard of Mumbay’s tourist attractions in the Colaba area. We stayed in a hotel just round the corner from the besieged and burning Taj hotel. We also went to Leopold’s, a very popular cafe in Colaba which was also attacked, situated just a five minutes walk from where we stayed.
We are not feeling all too well, being reminded of the fact that had we done our trip the other way round, we might have been in the middle of it all. The situation is, nevertheless, very unpleasant and worrying for us.
We are perfectly ok and the situation is normal here in Bangalore except for a cyclone that has hit the coast of Tamil Nadu about 300 kilometers east, bringing in a lot of clouds and rain which make for a very gloomy atmosphere. It’s rather cold, very rainy and dark here in Bengalore.
We can only hope that Austrian Airlines manages to fly us out on Saturday.