India: Our honeymoon

Street life in Rajasthan
The waiting is finally coming to an end. The fact that our beloved Gwendoline has just left with Sylvia to her holiday location at Christa’s and Ulla’s castle in Kumber has made me aware that on Saturday Sylvia and I are departing to India.
Sitting here in my office, surrounded by heaps of books, sheets of paper filled with notes and mind maps which serve as a preparation for tomorrow’s seminar, the thought of finding myself in a completely new world on Saturday seems like a distant dream.
I have been working virtually non-stop ever since the beginning of October and although I could continue this working streak, I am more than ready for a break.
Our flight will take us to Bombay, which we have chosen as our starting point for an extensive excursion through India’s South. We will travel by train and are also considering hiring a driver. We are destined South, already flirting rigorously with Goa with its supposedly dreamy beaches, perfect to relax and take it easy. Further on the journey will go to the State of Kerala, its backwaters and Fort Cochin.
Since I haven’t found much time for making a travel plan, we will sort things out on the go. Because of tomorrow’s seminar (which ends at 10 pm) no sooner than Saturday morning I will have time to consult our travel book.
Writing these lines, it becomes apparent to me that I lack an idea of what to expect or what will await us in this vast and diverse country. I am prepared for a challenging experience, though, one which won’t be forgotten for a long time.
Check out this site in the next couple of days. Whenever possible I will post about our journey.