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Wildon half-marathon: New personal record

Monday, September 15th, 2008

A strong performance yesterday at the half-marathon in Wildon confirmed that I have overcome, and hopefully left behind for good, a difficult period characterised by exhaustion, injury and pain.
I completed 21.1 ks in 1:20:16 hrs, 3:48 min/km, 15.77 km/h, ranking 18th overall and 6th in my age group.
We had to cover a difficult course with some challenging climbs and about 2 ks on gravel. Still with temperatures as low as 9 °C, the weather proved to be ideal for running. It was a record day in general. The winner, Martin Milleder, set a new course record in smashing 1:09:59 hrs
Congratulations go out to my fellow runners from the Stefflhofhof team, Jörg and Christian

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. Jörg finished 2nd in 1:13:39 hrs and Christian became 4th in 1:15:00. Both excellent performances. Well done, boys.
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