Looking back

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DSCF1984.JPG It’s now almost one month since our wedding. It was a special time, of course, one which we will always remember. The highlight was the day of our wedding, June 21, 2008, but as a matter of fact our wedding lasted longer than just one day. It started when John and Simone arrived on June 17 and ended with Jean-Pierre’s departure on July 8.
DSCF1950.JPG I would like to look back at those three weeks and publish photos from the different stages of our wedding time in order to give you a feeling of all the fun and excitement: our friends’ arrival, the bachelor party, which the Aussie’s call “bux night”, the wedding day, brunch at Tscheppe’s the day after the wedding and our trip to Vienna with John and Simone.
For me it sounds trite to call it a fun time. Rather it had such a special quality which words can hardly express. Sylvia and I committed to our relationship and all those people who are really close to us, many more than good friends, some of which traveling long distances, came to celebrate with us, thus adding a unique and delicious icing on our wedding cake. Thank you so much, once again, for being there and having fun with us. It was just perfect.