Gettin’ hitched

As June 21 is drawing near, I am sure the news have spread. For those few who have not heard it yet, here’s the scoop: Sylvia and I are getting married on Midsummer’s Night.

We met for the first time in October 2004 and again in December 2004. Since January 4, 2005 we are a couple and got engaged on Petrín Hill in the beautiful city of Prague almost two years later, on December 15, 2006, .

There were many plots for our marriage. Finally, we have settled for a big event with lots of friends and our relatives. The ceremony takes place in the beautiful surrounding of our family’s vineyard in Ratsch an der Weinstraße.

After the ceremony, which will be conducted by my friend Franz, we will celebrate the occasion with cool, dry Potzinger wine and some fine food in the vineyard. Later in the afternoon we will change places and go to Georgi Schlössl, where the dinner reception will take place. A 4-course menu will be waiting for our guests and we are sure that we will spend an unforgettable evening together, laughing, dancing, – and singing…

Here are the facts:

1.30 p.m.: Guests arrive at the vineyard, Ratsch a. d. Weinstraße 6; there will be ample parking available, just follow the signs. You can find a map and driving instructions here and here.
2.00 p.m.: The wedding ceremony
2.45 p.m.: Agape with delicious wine and fine food
4.45 p.m.: Convoy to Georgi-Schlössl in Ehrenhausen
5.15 p.m.: Reception at the castle
6.30 p.m.: Entering the ballroom
7.00 p.m.: Dinner – Willy Zach’s finest
9.00 p.m.: Music and dance – we have some great music!
10.00 p.m.: Dessert
11.00 p.m.: The Wedding Cake
01.00 a.m.: A late surprise over open fire in the castle courtyard
01.45 a.m.: iTunes-Discotheque