Next exit: Linz Marathon

Logo vom 7. OMV Linz MarathonI started training for the Linz Marathon with training plans drafted by expert runner Georg Ruess on November 26. I have been running for 20 weeks or 140 days now, having spent 166:34 hours and 1,945.2 kilometers in my runners. This averages out to about 8:32 hours or 98 kilometers per week.

Now I have just returned from a 16 ks run at 4:37 min/km with an average heart rate of 135. Back in November, at an average heart rate of 157 my heart had to work much harder for the same speed. This difference shows how effective my training has been and this has to be credited to Georg, who has Linz Marathon-Strecke auf Googleguided me expertly through these 20 weeks. Today I really feel fit, healthy and wide awake. My feet are fresh and my muscles smooth. It goes without saying that such a state makes running a real pleasure. That’s why I would recommend anyone who goes running on a regular basis to make a fitness test and have a plan made by an expert. This will make your efforts all the more rewarding and enjoyable.

The marathon in Linz in this respect, for me, is just the icing on the cake. I am going to try and improve on the 3:06 hrs, which I ran at the Graz marathon back in October 2007, but whatever the result, I am confident that I will be enjoying this marathon more than my first two, which were all marred by cramps on the last 12 kilometers. I am sure this is not going to happen this time. I have decided to run at a speed of 4:10 min/km, aiming at a time below 3 hrs. If all goes well and if the weather conditions are fine, this should by any means be possible. Well, on Sunday morning we will all be a little wiser.
Check in Sunday evening to see how I performed. If you are in Linz on Sunday and want to spot me, here’s a timetable as a PDF for download