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Looking back at the Linz Marathon 2008

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

cp20x30-LIFP0510.jpg It is day 3 after the marathon and I am slowly recovering from the strenuous run on Sunday
. My muscles have suffered especially from the last six kilometers, which I covered with the 11th fastest time overall. Only a few pro runners were faster..

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. (+ more pics) (more…)


2:53:20 – Thank you!

Sunday, April 13th, 2008

I have posted photos from the marathon on Flickr.

DSCF1507-gross.jpg Obviously, this was a good day
. Of course, I am really happy with my performance but what was really great was the support and incredible response from my friends. I received so many calls and sms. This means a lot to me.
Simone called from Melbourne, John phoned me from Rome, Erwin and Christian congratulated, the Eichkitz family wrote a breakfast SMS, Klaus called, Martin smsed me. That’s only a few
. Thank you to all.

A big, big thank you goes to Maria (Martin’s partner) for taking photos and Martin (Hackl) for riding along with his bike and supplying me with drinks and gel

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. Without him, I doubt whether this would have been possible. Thanks Georg for your fantastic training plans and your pro advise. Your tips are invaluable. Last not least, I’d like to thank Sylvia for her understanding and patience while I am out there running. I love you, Stadtkatze!

Split 1 (21,1km): 1:26:59
Split 2 (42,2km): 1:26:21
Position: 40
Age-group-position: 11


Marathon preparation

Saturday, April 12th, 2008

DSCF1459.JPG It is getting exciting
. Only one day left until Sunday morning. So what is going on in these last moments before a marathon? Here are some ancedodes and tipps for the frequent runnner. Running programme in the last week On Monday, I did my last test run over 10 ks at my marathon speed and heart rate

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. I covered the quarter marathon in 40:59 minutes at an average speed of 4:08 min/km and an average HR of 157 bpm. It was a good last test although I had my doubts since my HR went up over 160 on the last few kilometers, which Georg, my coach, dismissed by acknowledging a superb test run. The rest of the week was like a holiday: (more…)


Next exit: Linz Marathon

Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

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. OMV Linz Marathon” width=”200px” height=”200px” style=”float: left;padding: 0 10px 10px 0″>I started training for the Linz Marathon with training plans drafted by expert runner Georg Ruess on November 26. I have been running for 20 weeks or 140 days now, having spent 166:34 hours and 1,945.2 kilometers in my runners. This averages out to about 8:32 hours or 98 kilometers per week. Now I have just returned from a 16 ks run at 4:37 min/km with an average heart rate of 135. Back in November, at an average heart rate of 157 my heart had to work (more…)