Counting down to marathon No 3

85benefiz08.jpg Tomorrow in three weeks, on Sunday April 13, I am partaking in the 7th OMV Linz marathon. As my third marathon, the challenge is set. I am going to try to beat three hours for 42.195 km. Therefore, I have changed my training methods and since November I rely on a program by Georg Ruess, a champion marathon runner and marathon coach. Thus, I have been able to improve my performance considerably with the same training effort as before.

On March 9, I participated at the Benefizlauf in Gabersdorf. The focus, however, was not on the 15 ks distance but the run should serve as a serious test for the Linz marathon. Thus, I added another 15 ks to the race distance, which I completed in 58.21 mins (3.58 min/km). Running 30 ks in a little over 2 hrs, showed that I was on course and that the training so far had proven very effective.

I have been training 90 to 120 ks a week since the beginning of December, which amounts to 7 – 9 hours a week – an average of one hour per day. Considering how much time we spend with mind-clogging and body-contaminating distractions, this appears well invested time into my body. It not only boosts fitness, prevents stress related diseases, furthers your appetite and improves sleep but also makes you a big deal more durable, effective and balanced. In this respect, it is amazing how much you can get out of just one hour running per day. For me, it is the best investment I have ever made.