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Pure indulgence

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

DSCF1439.JPG Finally it has arrived. After two weeks in an American post office, five days in the fingers of Austrian customs, I picked it up impatiently at the post office in Gleisdorfer Gasse. They charged me another 90 euros for vat but I had waited too long – almost four weeks – in order to complain. I had expected it anyway and it could always have been worse. What I didn’t know, though, was that I still had to go a long way before I could actually make calls with my new techno toy. After I had unpacked the phone and marvelled at its impeccable design, I realised that the American seller had not included the iTurbosim which was supposed to be used together with my Mobilkom-simcard in order to unlock it. DSCF1427.JPG So I had to find another solutions since I did not want to go argue with the Yanks, wait another fortnight or spend another 50 euros for a new next sim to unlock the phone. So with the help of my friend, Alex, I found another solution: A method to unlock the phone with a patch, run with the installer. When I was running the patch, Sylvia came to have a look at (more…)