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Vietnam – great journey – great beginning

Friday, January 18th, 2008

I am sure most of you know it by now: Sylvia and I are getting married in June this year. We met in January 2005 and – both being lovers of South Eastern culture – we soon made the decision to explore one of South East Asia’s countries. We chose Vietnam for our destination and embarked on a three week journey from North to South, starting in authentic Ha Noi and finishing in modern Sai Gon. We backpacked, saved money on accomodation, sleeping in adventurous ‘hotels’, encountering rats in and out of houses, got a taste of communist mentality when we tried to fly out of rainy Nah Trang, sipped cocktails in Sai Gon and slept in Graham Greene’s favourite hotel. As a whole, it was a great journey, one which we will remember forever for its unique experiences, the beauty of the country and as a first test for our relationship. After all, our time in Vietnam was proof for us that as a couple we could have a wonderful life and would be able to tackle its challenges

. It was a great journey and a great beginning for our relationship
. I have put a gallery online with some shots from our trip. Click here to view it…