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Performance Test at Sportmed Süd

Wednesday, November 14th, 2007

DSCF1207.JPG It’s been now a year since I started running on a regular and competitive basis. I have been able to dedicate a good deal of my spare time to an activity which slowly has become an indispensable habit. There are a lot of rewards some obvious and easy to grasp, others are more subtle, slowly oozing into the consciousness. I have talked about them already, so I will not go into too much detail here. After my last marathon in Graz in October 2007, I realised that I have come a long way from my humble beginnings, which most of all revolved around trying to introduce a regular running habit into my daily routine. You might not believe how difficult it actually turned out to be. This difficulty may stem from my past as a soccer player, where activity and running was closely tied to play and a ball. Running for its own sake in this light appears to offer small rewards and little satisfaction. As a matter of fact, I only managed to make running a habit after I had moved from the countryside to the city. At that point I started discovering a whole new universe. Everything that followed, by comparison, was easy
. Having scratched on the three hours mark, (more…)