A great August

DSCF0852.jpgSchoeckl is considered the landmark mountain of the city of Graz. With an altitude of 1.435 m, its vicinity to Graz and a ski lift at its top, it is a popular resort for families to give their kids a first skiing experience – of course, only if the winters are cold enough for snow. In summer it is a popular escape from the hot city streets and from St. Radegund DSCF0848.JPG offers a steady, sometimes steep path up to its top. The hike takes between one to two hours depending on your fitness and speed. For the well trained, there is the Schöckl trail which leads straight up the mountain right beneath the cable car.
Susi, Jean-Pierre and their kids, Julian and Stefan, come to Austria every summer for their holidays. They live in Auburn, a city close to Boston P8120133.JPG in Massachusetts. Susi is from Leibnitz and Susi and Christoph, as kids, have spent a few summers in Grabovac on the island of Hvar in Croatia and a lot of winter holidays in their long-time skiing resort in Bad Gastein. Susi and Jean-Pierre met in France as students and married in 1998.

Since this year, they decided to spend more time in the region instead of going to Croatia or on side trips as they used to, we had the chance to meet more often, go out together, have a drink or two or even go hiking in the great outdoors of Styria. DSCF0845.JPG It was a warm, sunny afternoon when we embarked on our challenge of Mt Schoeckl. It was a fair hike from St. Radegund, which can got me sweating but is short enough to do it in the late afternoon. On the peak we enjoyed a Radler and some nice food in the Bergrestaurant, Susi, JP and the boys went for a run on the slide and then we took the last cable car back to St. Radegund.
Sylvia and I really appreciated their company, the sometimes deep and intense conversations, and hanging out with them in the Parkhouse or Café Ritter in Graz. Thanks Susi & JP for a great August!