A happy beginning in red, a bitter ending in exhaustion

DSCF0920.JPG The idea of buying new uniforms for the Ex-Socs was introduced more than a year ago, when our team flourished with an abundance of new Ex-socs followers and a series of great matches on a high level; such a team deserved its own uniform. After the uniforms of Gabersdorf’s first team were stolen in Amsterdam, the time has come to get things moving and within a fortnight we managed not only to order our new uniforms but also finance them out of the pool of Ex-Socs players. A big thank your here goes out to Hans Holler, Wolfgang Huss, Toni Klapsch, Franz Lang (Fa. Graupp), Josef Lappi, Gernot Payer, Stefan Potzinger and Dietmar Pucher for making this wonderful red uniform a reality.
DSCF0937.JPG With the support of Sport Jauk and BGD we were able to present the new uniform at our first match of the season in Großklein on Fri, Aug 24, 2007.
I won’t talk much about the match here, since apart from the first half, in which we could keep the match open, we realised that we were lacking in physics and discipline. So the match with a jolly-red beginning ended in total exhaustion and a bitter 3-8 (3-3) loss. Nevermind, the Ex-Socs will be back and back to form. No worries.