Multiple rewards

Erzherzog Johann Lauf Strass - ClassificationsI haven’t posted for quite some time. It’s been busy in the agency while Ulla and I were working on two projects, which are currently being finished and delivered. It’s been a challenging time since one particular job was characterised by shifting currents which we found hard to anticipate and, at times, impossible to handle. There were times in which I was pushed to my physical and psychological limits. These times were difficult but, as it always is, they have been valuable. Looking back and evaluating my behaviour in these situations, the picture of phoenix rising always pops up in my mind. As a matter of fact, however challenging and uncomfortable, in these situations I always manage to gain a lot on a personal side. This is a rewarding retrospective and helps prepare for the challenges ahead.

Working as an entrepreneur is a very specific experience. It offers a lot of opportunities and freedom while urging you to deal with the uncertainties of the open market. In order to be better able to cope with this work-style I have developed a new habit called running. At first, it served as a reason to leave the office, jump into my runners and get out into nature and fresh air into my brain. It is not just a rejuvenating and refreshing exercise, for me it is also the best way to think about solutions to problems at hand – and actually return with proper ones after my jogs. It is amazing how creative, inspiring and rewarding such a physical exercise can be.
As I like to set myself goals, back at the beginning of November 2006, I decided to take part at a marathon. Since the next one to take place happened to be the Vienna City Marathon, I worked out a plan to get fit for it. The warm winter turned out to be ideal for running and so I hardly ever had to cope with bad weather conditions.
In order to test my fitness, I took part at the Erzherzog Johann Lauf in Straß last weekend and ran a half marathon (21.1 km) there. For my part, I more than passed the test. I managed to improve my performance over 21.1 km by 11 minutes, a fact from which I can draw a lot of confidence for the VCM. My statistics for 21.1 km are as follows: net time 1.21.50 h, 15.47 km/h, 3:53 per kilometer.
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