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The VCM – Heaven and hell

Sunday, April 29th, 2007

VCM-2007-Chris-Ring.jpg Having the Vienna City in the rear-view mirror, a very special energy is circulating my body
. Although my legs are dead, sore and aching, it is an elevating feeling that is dominating my body, as if flying or as having arrived at a holy place inside. Although my body has been drained of all its energy, I do not experience the ordinary kind of fatigue. Of course, I could go to bed immediately, yet this stimulating, refreshing energy makes me want to savour it forever. (more…)


Vienna City Marathon

Friday, April 27th, 2007

Asics Racer und Skinfit Top und Short
I run a widget on my dashboard that counts down the days to an event

. I remember after I made the decision to take part at the Vienna City Marathon back in November 2006, I set the widget. Back then it said something like 120 days to the VCM, which appeared to be a long, long time

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. But now my first marathon lies less than 45 hours in the future
120 days are equivalent to 4 months, in which I spend a lot of time on the track or rather the Murpromenade, runnning from Haydngasse down South beyond the highway to Feldkirchen and on my long jogs even beyond Kalsdorf and Werndorf. The unusually warm and snow-free winter provided perfect conditions for jogging and thus I feel in very good shape for Sunday. Well, I think I’d rather made sure of that.
A record of 25.273 runners are registered for the VCM, tackling the long distance in front of an expected crowd of 300.000 people. (more…)


Multiple rewards

Wednesday, April 4th, 2007

Erzherzog Johann Lauf Strass - ClassificationsI haven’t posted for quite some time. It’s been busy in the agency while Ulla and I were working on two projects, which are currently being finished and delivered. It’s been a challenging time since one particular job was characterised by shifting currents which we found hard to anticipate and, at times, impossible to handle. (more…)