Playing with the Ex-socs

Yesterday I played with the SVG Ex-socs against Allerheiligen. It was a very tough and fast match. Ambition and emotion ruled the action. A welcome catalysator to let some steam off on such occasions is, evidently, the referee. Still, Max Voglmair did a good job – sorry for the shouts and wry look :-).
It was tight but for my part quite enjoyable. After all, it was the defensive tactics that won the match and although we controlled the match and held the ball for about two thirds of the match we lost – not undeservedly – 6-4. Still I would say that it was a pretty good match from our side with some skillfull moves although we neglected our defense, showed some weakness in tackling and some bad passing due to fading concentration. Unfortunately, Horst got injured and broke his shoulder! This was sad, of course, but fitted perfectly in the unlucky quality that determined our day. We all hope that it will heal fast and that he will come back soon.
My legs are pretty sour today and my left foot hurts since I stupidly pulled a muscle in the last minute. After a wild tackle I twisted my knee, which started to hurt badly so that I could hardly walk up the stairs to the dressing room after the match. Hans fixed me with a Voltaren, which made the pain go away and made sure I could enjoy a virtually painless evening and morning. So it appears that you have got to pay a price for playing games. 😉 Anyway, I hope to be fit again when we close the season against Groklein on Nov 4.

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