Wu Li and reality

PA124679_booksscie_.jpg Although Albert Einstein’s ideas served to pave the way for a new branch in physics, called quantum mechanics, he struggled all through his life to counter its validity and implications. His critique was centred upon the fundamental quality of probability that rules the world of quantum mechanics. When faced with the fact that in the subatomic realm nothing can be extrapolated and relies, at best, on statistics, he exclaimed: “I cannot believe that God plays dice with the cosmos. – Gott würfelt nicht.” As a matter of fact, however, he had to admit that the ‘old’ physics as developed by Sir Isaac Newton can neither predict nor explain what happens in the microcosmos. Still, taking a closer look at the goings-on at a microcosmic level may help to better understand reality and how it will unfold in our lives. A good introduction for non-physcicists and those who want to get an idea of the implications which the findings in this subatomic world may have upon our paradigms may enjoy “The Dancing Wu Li Masters” by Gary Zukav, where he tried to bridge the gap between western science and eastern mysticism.

The deeper we delve into the subatomic world the weirder it gets. Somehow it appears that we are made up of nothing. Take a closer look at aHydrogen Atom Scale Model.