Anton Zeilinger

I have attended a conference discussion recently with Anton Zeilinger, Austria’s well-known quantum physicists, and was astounded by how far scientists have come to question the foundations of the basic paradigms of how we explain reality. He also hinted at quantum mechanics providing evidence of our capacity to create and influence reality which, coming out of the mouth of a scientist, was all the more remarkable. He literally spoke of a latent quantum leap and an ensuing paradigm shift comparable to the shift to the heliocentric system proposed by Nicolaus Copernicus. I say, the time would be more than ripe for such a shift. Actually, we are made up of, eh, nothing: Hydrogen Atom Scale Model
Whenever I travel and happen to journey through densly populated places, I stare in amazement of how many people there are on this planet. This site succeeds in visualising the proportion of one human to the whole human population. Mindboggling. (Best viewed with Firefox, Mozilla and IE/Windows)